Give a Pro-Choice Unwelcome to Operation Rescue from Melbourne!

In the spirit of the united front, the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group encourages its supporters and readers to attend the rally below. Some activists have been urging the Immigration Minister to deny the anti-abortion zealot at the centre of this controversy a visa to enter Australia. The MACG does not support this tactic, because it’s not the Immigration Minister’s call to decide this matter. Our response is, instead, to mobilise working class opposition to the movement that Troy Newman embodies. A crucial factor in our decision to endorse this demonstration is that the organisers of the rally have not participated in the campaign for the Immigration Minister to act.

Note: The Immigration Minister has banned Troy Newman from entering Australia, but the rally is going ahead anyway because Right to Life is still having its conference.

Friday, 2 October, 12.00 pm

Give a Pro-Choice Unwelcome
to Operation Rescue from Melbourne!

Right to Life is touring Troy Newman, President of the notorious U.S. anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue (OR). OR has a violent history that includes clinics bombings and defending assassinations of doctors. Newman advocates the harassment of clinics, which includes stalking staff, as a way to shut them down. He says that abortion providers should be executed; women who choose abortion are guilty of murder and should be punished.

Newman is also connected with the Centre for Medical Progress, which is behind the smear campaign against Planned Parenthood in the United States, accusing PP of selling “body parts.” This macabre misrepresentation of the provision of donated foetal tissue for research into diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease and kidney failure has been well exposed.

Defend abortion providers! Stand up for women’s right to choose!

Rally at the Treacy Centre
126 The Avenue, Parkville

Bring placards, banners, co-workers and friends!
Tell Right to Life and Operation Rescue that we won’t tolerate their misogynist violence!

To endorse the action, email Radical Women: