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The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group is an organised anarchist communist group whose membership is open to reliable and convinced revolutionary anarchists. We operate on the basis of anarchist principles and as such practise real, functional equality amongst our members.

We are committed to transforming our world into one in which all people are free from systems of domination and where society operates with the principle of “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. Within MACG, we work with our comrades to share resources, cooperate in the building of working class power and promote the advancement of anarchist politics within the wider working class.

All members are expected to accept the group’s aims and principles, agree to abide by its rules, participate in its activities, and make financial contributions as decided by the group.

All members of MACG are expected to be active participants in the group. This involves both taking on an internal role as well as an external role to promote the politics of the group.

Where members are employed, they are expected to be members of their union, and wherever possible, actively organising in their workplace.

If it sounds like MACG align with your politics and that you’d like to become a member, we recommend taking the following steps:

If you have been attending the Anarchist Political School and wish to express interest in becoming a Provisional Member, you can discuss this with an existing member or contact us.

If you are unable to attend scheduled Anarchist Political School sessions, contact us to discuss other options.

For a more in-depth guide to joining MACG click here.