Anti-Fascist Organising Meeting Melbourne 12 February

Callout for an anti-fascist united front and inaugural organising meeting to counter Melbourne’s Reclaim Australia rally

This is a callout to everyone who wants to be involved in organising a large counter-mobilisation against the Reclaim Australia rally in April, with the goal of stopping the building of a fascist movement. Reclaim Australia’s Melbourne rally on 4 April will be at the Shrine of Remembrance: (
Fascism is a violent and murderous movement, fostered by the capitalist élite when needed to crush growing resistance. Today, fascists churn up racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia to divide and weaken our resistance and build their base, just as Nazis used anti-semitism and racism last century. But all groups in society who are exploited, oppressed and resisting are in their sights.
This call is for the formation of a democratic united front of today’s and tomorrow’s targets — Muslims, immigrants, refugees, trade unionists, Jewish, Aboriginal and LGBTIQ people, people with disability, feminists, socialists, anarchists and other anti-fascists.
Come to the inaugural meeting that will form this united front against fascism and organise a counter-action capable of stopping the fascists on 4 April. This meeting will be held Thursday, 12 February, 6.00 pm at Trades Hall (corner Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton).
For more information, E-mail: