Counter-rally Against the March for the Babies 8 October

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group has endorsed this call-out. We urge all members of the working class to defend abortion rights. Note that we have made no decision in relation to the list of demands that URJ sets out.

United for Reproductive Justice (URJ) is organising a diversely gendered contingent to be part of a counter-mobilisation against the anti-abortion “March for the Babies.” Initiated by Radical Women, URJ is a growing coalition of grassroots organisations and activists involved in movements, from unions and prisoner rights to disability and First Nations justice. Our common ground is bodily autonomy and reproductive justice for all.

The Supreme Court’s decimation of abortion rights in the United States has emboldened the far right across the world. Here in Australia, we expect to see a large turnout at this year’s “March for the Babies” in Melbourne on October 8. Its aim is to recriminalise abortion, and we know that assaults on women, trans, gender diverse and non-binary people would not stop there. It is critical at this pivotal time that we stand up for our rights to bodily autonomy and full reproductive justice.

United for Reproductive Justice calls for:

  • Federally legislated free, safe, legal abortion on demand without apology
  • Reproductive self-determination for First Nations, queer, trans and gender diverse people, those with disabilities and those who are incarcerated, on visas and living in regional/remote communities.
  • End forced sterilisation; stop discriminatory surveillance and child removals by the state.
  • Provide well-resourced, free, culturally appropriate services to guarantee genuine birthing choices and access to reproductive technology, under community control.
  • Mandatory training for medical students in all aspects of reproductive healthcare.
  • Free education at all levels; medically sound sex education.
  • Secure, quality housing for all; massively expand public housing.
  • Well-funded services and supports for those escaping family violence and sexual abuse.
  • Employment security and equal pay for all workers; end exemptions for religious and other institutions from discrimination law.
  • Fully fund welfare supports as a right for everyone, regardless of visa status.

On 8 October, join our contingent. To join or get more details, contact URJ All genders are welcome! There will be plenty of placards, or bring your own!

We will join the planned counteraction at Parliament House, on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation whose sovereignty has never been ceded.

Endorsers (in progress): 3CR Community Radio; Doin’ Time prisoner radio network, 3CR; Freedom Socialist Party; Homes Not Prisons; Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne; Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group; Radical Women; Rainbow Atheists; What Were You Wearing?