Defend the Fertility Control Clinic – Celebrate 10 years!

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group circulates the following message from Radical Women in the spirit of the united front. The MACG supports the clinic defence actions of Radical Women.

Saturday, 22 August, 9.30 am

Defend the Fertility Control Clinic
Celebrate 10 years!

This clinic defence will celebrate a milestone. For 10 years, grassroots reproductive rights activists have kept the monthly anti-abortion “rosary parade” away from the clinic’s gates. Since 27 August 2005, defenders have stopped Helpers of God’s Precious Infants from obstructing women entering and leaving the clinic, shoving lurid pictures in their faces, hurling abuse, and photographing them. Victoria Police and Melbourne City Council call this misogynist conduct “free speech” and legitimate “protest.” The community calls it violent harassment.

This month, we will honour the decade with a speakout. Hear clinic staff, original defenders and longtime regulars relate highlights and why defending the clinic is so important. Add your voice. Let’s talk about how to turn a tenacious defence into a movement that will make all clinics safely accessible and win reproductive justice for all women.

Fertility Control Clinic, 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne
Take Tram #48 or #75 to Powlett or Simpson Streets, East Melbourne.

For more information, contact Radical Women: or join the Facebook event: