Defend the Fertility Control Clinic!


We circulate this message in the spirit of the united front.  It should be noted that the anti-abortionists in Melbourne are getting more aggressive in their actions in recent weeks.  The clinic defenders are the the essential defence against these bigots engaging in harassment or worse against women entering or leaving the clinic.

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group supports the clinic defence actions of CWRR.

Callout to defend the Fertility Control Clinic during the anti-abortion “40 Days for Life”

Anti-abortion harassment at the clinic has stepped up. February 13 began the “40 Days for Life,” which goes on till March 24. For 40 days, foetus worshippers in several countries target clinics as part of their relentless campaign to shut them down. In Melbourne, the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants (HoGPI) target the Fertility Control Clinic. In their words: “While all aspects of 40 Days for Life are crucial in our effort to end abortion, the most visible component is the…vigil outside the local abortion facility.”

Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights foiled their first day, when we outnumbered the religious vigilantes. CWRR’s weekly defences on Saturdays during the February – March period will be crucial to safeguarding the clinic and neighbourhood from possible mobilisations, such as the “Rosary Parade” of the HoGPI.

Join CWRR in defending the clinic on these Saturdays:

March 16 & 23 – 9.30 am

Fertility Control Clinic

118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

(between Powlett & Simpson Sts)

For more information, contact CWRR: email