Greece: Creditors and States are nothing if we become everything


By Dimitri

(A member of MACG)

To clarify my position I am not with SYRIZA neither following any dappled shade “Europhiles”. I am resolutely and unequivocally against Europe of creditors, fascists, butchers of every human dignity, regardless which political party they belong and any misleading reason they articulate.

However, during these critical, decisive moments, not only for Greece, but for Europe and for the whole world -as the whole issue and the point has reached is a creation of capitalism- has nothing to do with the referendum itself. It has to do with the actual subject which was absent from any negotiating framework during these five months – and always. It is this subject that will be required to pay all costs, either “Yes” or “No” prevailing. I talk about the workers, unemployed, precarious, pensioners, immigrants.

Things are very simple: possible victory of “Yes” will be completely devastating not only for the working class and the social movement, but for the whole society, because it will open the appetite for a final attack by the greedy Capital aiming to establish a callous political and economic dictatorship. Already the current mobilisation of the European and international Capital and its supporters in Greece (those who by all previous governments ravaged literally the country and the lives of human beings) are in favour of this outcome and are now indicative.

Possible prevalence of “No”, despite all the relevant rhetoric has been developed by almost the entire spectrum of the Left in Greece, although, in my opinion, is a clear partisan, class choice of those who prefer it -and I stand alongside all those who choose this answer- I think it also entails many dangers. Because even if they manage to keep themelves in governmental power SYRIZA and their allies in their effort to manage the debt and put back the country on track again they will be de facto forced to push painful measures for the people -and not only financial-, whether they be baptised “left”, “alternative” or something else …

I feel also that some games being replaying behind the backs of this people. Why, for example, this government refused the taxation of big business and described the issue as one of the thorniest ones of the whole negotiating process with creditors? If not big businesses taxed wildly now that there is a chance for a new beginning, based on a truly popular and alternative policy, when it will happen? Marinakis*, Melissanidis*, Alafouzos*, Copelouzos*, Vardinoyannis* and Latsis*, still murdering workers in Hellenika Petrelaia (ELPE – Hellenic Petroleum), even leading and manipulating municipal councils, evading taxes solemnly –possing of course themeselves as patriots- and associating themselves with the big European and international Capital.

In this direction, the only road of struggle is, in my opinion, one way, and has to do just about everything that the grass-roots, base, class and broader social movement in Greece created and put into practise in recent years: the forms of solidarity economy, the solidarity movements provide medical care to those who can not afford or shelter for the homeless Syrian migrants who cross-borderd, co-operative factories and workplaces, self-managed restaurants and cafes, collectives in bookshops and publishing area, popular markets without intermediaries and open free bazaars, social clinics, peoples’ neighborhood assemblies and any such open, grass-roots structures, alternative schemes based on direct social action, direct democracy, non intermediation, outside and beyond any political party control or embrace and away from every commodity logic of profit.


All these projects represent a hope for the future – the only and the most appropriate. And to defend ourselves I consider as more than a serious need to defend first the whole working class, united as a fist. The daily training of ourselves and others, the horizontal, unmediated organisation of all of us, the everyday, gradual emancipation of our class is required and offers the only solution.


Therefore there are not dilemmas. If the broader class, base, social movement in Greece can gradually and through perseverance and faith in the struggle to oppose resolutely and practically the confide of the lives of workers, unemployed, pensioners, immigrants in the hands of State, governments and authority generally wherever it comes from, and put into immediate operation and extend grass-roots structures like those cited above, this will be a great victory, a huge (re)starting forward, especially now, these critical moments for everybody – now that the masks have been fallen.

*Names of owners of ships, factories, TV Channels, newspapers etc in Greece.

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