On the ‘Voice to Parliament’ referendum

The proposed Voice to Parliament sits as a piece of empty symbolism that will do nothing to advance the struggles of Aboriginal peoples for self determination. The Labor government pushes a glorified consultative committee to referendum whilst mining tears apart Aboriginal land, sacred sites are destroyed, Aboriginal people suffer mass incarceration and children are stolen from their families. The Blak Sovereign Movement is right to condemn the Labor government for advancing nothing but empty symbolism.

For the racist right, even this empty symbolism is too much. The “No” campaign has turned the referendum on the Voice into a referendum on white supremacy. The “No” campaign is built on racist conspiracy theories and the denial of Aboriginal people’s right to self determination. The “No” campaign advances assimilationist politics and cultural genocide.

The position of the “No” campaign must be rejected. The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group believes that a “Yes” vote would be the least worst outcome in this referendum. But the struggle for Aboriginal self-determination will not be won at the ballot box. Genuine Blak self determination (sovereignty) threatens the basis of Australian capitalism. Only a mass movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with the support and participation of the non-Indigenous working class in determined solidarity, can force substantive concessions out of the ruling class. Only a revolution can win sovereignty.


– Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group.