Anarchist Political School

The Anarchist Political School is an introduction to the revolutionary ideas and strategies of anarchist communism. We meet fortnightly to learn about how capitalism and governments really work, how we can fight the ruling class, and why we need a revolution.

All sessions consist of a reading, which we read and discuss together. There is no homework or prior preparation required. To participate, send us an email at anarchistpoliticalschool at proton dot me, or message us on social media!

Upcoming Sessions

  • MODULE 1: Class, capitalism and the state, Tuesday, 5 March, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 2: Reform or revolution?, Tuesday, 19 March, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 3: Anarchism and organising, Tuesday, 2 April, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 4: Anarchism and the trade unions, Tuesday, 16 April, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 5: Fighting oppressions of gender and sexuality, Tuesday, 30 April, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 6: Racism and Australia’s colonial history, Tuesday, 14 May, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 7: The environmental crisis, Tuesday, 28 May, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 8: Internationalism, imperialism and national liberation, Tuesday, 11 June, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 9: The Russian revolution, Tuesday, 25 June, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 10: The Spanish revolution, Tuesday, 9 July, 6:30pm
  • MODULE 11: Other ideas on the left, Tuesday, 23 July, 6:30pm

Expression of interest

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