Public meeting: Big Steps Needed for Equal Pay

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group is publishing the message below in the spirit of the united front. We support the objective of the Big Steps campaign, which is to achieve equal pay for workers in child care and early childhood education. We support achieving that objective by class struggle.

Thursday 11 July, 7:00 pm
Coburg Concert Hall, 90 Bell St, Coburg

Venue is wheelchair accessible. Close to Coburg train station, Sydney Road Tram. Lots of free parking.

Come to a public meeting to discuss why equal pay advocates, reproductive rights campaigners and other feminists and unionists are fans of the United Voice Big Steps campaign. This initiative by early childhood educators is organising to win funding to improve pay for these low paid workers. It insists that quality early childhood education is a social responsibility and funding should come from government, not from the pockets working parents. Access to high quality education and care for pre-school aged children is a necessity for working parents and fundamental to women being able to exercise choices. Winning pay rises for the predominantly women workers who educate and care for children is also key to closing the gender based pay gap.

Hear from campaigners, share your experiences and ideas and discuss how together we can achieve big steps forward for both women workers and children.


Tamika Hicks: Early childhood educator and National Convener for the Big Steps Campaign

Katerina Check: Pay Justice Action mover and shaker and CPSU workplace delegate

Debbie Brennan: Melbourne Radical Women Organiser, ASU workplace delegate and leader in the reproductive rights movement

Gaye Demanuele: Feminist birth worker and Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights activist.

Sally Baker: Early Childhood Educator, proud Big Steps campaigner and union member. Mother of 3 year old twins attending an early childhood centre.

Alison Thorne: Equal pay organiser and CPSU workplace delegate, will chair the public meeting.

Co-hosted by Pay Justice Action, Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights and Radical Women

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