Rally Against Racism Sat 4 April

Rally notice final Saturday 4 April 2015 A4

The far Right “Reclaim Australia” plans to hold an anti-Muslim rally in Melbourne and also at other places around Australia. They want people to believe they’re just “ordinary Australians” who are worried about “radical Islam”. What they’re NOT telling you is that they are Fascists – yes, actual far Right, Hitler-loving racists who have decided it’s a tactical advantage to wrap themselves in Australian flags. Just check the Slackbastard blog to see what he’s dug up on them: http://www.slackbastard.anarchobase.com.

Of course, not everyone who turns up to their rally will be a booted and suited Fascist. The organisers have told their followers to “leave your swastikas and your white pride T-shirts at home” (which speaks volumes in itself). They are hoping to attract people who are just prejudiced against Muslims and who can’t tell the difference between most followers of a religion and what a handful do in its name. They hope to recruit people by claiming to be the only “patriots” who are prepared to act against the phantom Islamic menace against which they foam.

It is in the interests of workers in Australia to oppose Islamophobic racism and take a stand in favour of freedom of religion – the right to believe any religion or none, the right to practice any religion or none and the right to preach any religion or none. Today, it is Muslims who find themselves attacked for exercising this right. Women are assaulted in the street for wearing the scarf, objections are raised against the construction of mosques and absurd fantasies are conjured up about halal certification.

The right to be a Muslim in Australia is the front line in defending the freedom of everyone. We must defend freedom of religion here in order to spread it to places like Saudi Arabia or Iran. If the right to live according to one’s conscience is destroyed here, we cannot establish it elsewhere. So come to the counter-rally – say no to racist Islamophobia and block the Fascists who are trying to use it to make themselves respectable.

This leaflet was produced by the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group as a contribution to the United Front Against Fascism.

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